Home Pool Safety!!

02 Dec 15

Swimming pools are great fun in the summer months and we all know little ones love the water. The campaign to fence Australian swimming pools, which began in earnest in 1991, has saved the lives of many toddlers and children. In all states and territories of Australia, in most situations, providing a safety barrier or fence is not only sensible, it's the law.

Fortunately, the choices available in pool fencing are numerous. This means the look of your garden landscaping need not be compromised. On the contrary, your fence can enhance your entire outdoor area whilst providing peace of mind if you have children or grandchildren who regularly swim or play outdoors. For a modern look, glass screening is ultra chic. Alternatively, a steel fence structure with clever planting and screening can blend well with a less contemporary style of home.

It's vitally important to ensure your pool fence meets all safety standards. If you have recently purchased a new home with a swimming pool or leasing out your property with a a pool this is especially important. Unfortunately children are still drowning in home swimming pools where fences exist. This is often due to poor maintenance.

As well as ensuring your pool or spa is properly fenced, active supervision is imperative. It only takes a second for a child to silently slip into the water and drown. Swimming pools provide hours of fun for the whole family and can teach children to respect the water and play safely. Make sure your family is safe and enjoy cooling off this summer.